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The Norwich Women's Club is a social and philanthropic organization open to anyone who has an interest in Norwich, Vermont.  

The Club supports educational opportunities and promotes civic and cultural projects for the town and its residents. 

Trips to museums, holiday parties, author lunches, the Spring Gala, a biannual clothing consignment sale (the Nearly New Sale), and much, much more, all contribute to a vibrant club with more than 270 members!

The Fall Gathering on October 6th was a wonderful time with lovely people. 
Many thanks to our host Norah Geraghty. 

Holiday Gathering

at the home of Carol Loveland: 32 Butternut Road

Sunday, December 8, 5-7 pm

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Fun at the Parade in Norwich
September 21st

Fall 2019 Nearly New Sale Wrap Up

The Norwich Women's Club would like to thank the community for its support
of its recent Nearly New Sale. The new online system worked well and we are
planning to use it again next Spring. Though we had slightly fewer consignors
with this big change in the consignment process, we did gain some new
consignors for whom the new system was an improvement. Sales over the
weekend were generally on par with prior sales, and we were left with many
fewer unsold items to be packed-up by volunteers Sunday afternoon and donated
to the Listen Center. The reports available to us after the sale to streamline the
reconciliation process, and for consignors regarding their sold items, were
particularly impressive. There will, inevitably, be some fine tuning needed, but
in general we think this program will enable us to run the sale with fewer
volunteers and person hours required.

We have received lots of helpful feedback on the new system and consignment
process. The Sale committee will be meeting to review this feedback and plan
for the next sale. The clothing drop off feature at inspection appeared to work
well for consignors. We anticipate offering the use of tagging guns, stems, and
a small supply of safety pins during the clothing inspection stage at Tracy Hall on
a more routine basis for those who did not purchase their own supplies. Help
sessions to get you started with the online program will also be held again during
the one month consignment period. There are some limitations on the technical
aspects of the system that we cannot change (such as price tag format). Any
additional feedback is welcome. Please contact us at  nns.consign@gmail.com
to share your suggestions.

As we are sure you know, this sale is run as a fundraiser for the NWC's Scholarship
Fund. All profits are used in full to benefit the educational goals of the Norwich
community. And though we are pleased that the sale is a great opportunity for
people to clean out a closet and make a little money for themselves, the Scholarship
Fund must remain our main focus. Consignor checks are now being processed and
will be mailed out soon.

Thank you for supporting the Norwich Women's Club Scholarship Fund,

Elaine Waterman, Annette Brown, and Carole Bobeau