From a Grant Recipient...

"As much as we value the funding generously provided to our group through the community project grant, it is even more important to us that this support comes from the Norwich Women's Club, given how much this community respects your organization. When people see that the Norwich Women's Club supports our cause, they will immediately take it more seriously."

Proceeds from the Spring Gala held on March 24, 2018,
sales of the new Town Directory,
and member contributions to Community Projects
are being returned to the Norwich community through grants to civic organizations. 
The NWC supports programs and projects that enhance
educational, civic and cultural activities in Norwich.
       Applications for grants should be made 
before the deadline of May 1st each year.                    
Awards are made to organizations and individuals
which are either located in Norwich or directly benefit Norwich residents. 
Consideration is given to the numbers of people benefited by the project request,
and an effort is made to balance awards across educational, civic and cultural activities. 
Partial awards may be granted, and past awards do not ensure future awards.

2018 Community Projects Grants Totaling $43,392

  • Beaver Meadow  Plumbing and Roof Repairs
    CATV--Community Media Training Tools
    Good Beginnings -- Fall Lecture
    Hanover High School Graduation Party
    Hartford Holiday Baskets -- family food cards & children's gifts
    Hartford Community Coalition  Take a Bite Out Of Hunger Summer Program
    High Horse - Helmets
    Marion Cross--Composting
    Marion Cross School--Giving Bowls-glazing
    Marion Cross Outdoor Corps
    Marion Cross Visiting Authors Program -- Kate Messner
    Monshire Museum -- Human Body Systems
    Norwich Bookstore and Library Story Walk- Page holders and stakes
    Norwich Christmas Pageant -microphone purchase, animal rental
    Norwich DPW--plantings 10A corridor - salt tolerant grasses
    Norwich Energy Committee -- energy savings products - bulbs and strips
    Norwich Farmers Market--benches, board, flower barrels, signage, turf
    Norwich Fire District  Ballard Trail - pretreated lumber and materials
    Norwich Historial Society -- summer intern - splitting cost
    Norwich Nursery School--Mobile dressup Center
    Norwich Parade--Non Profit Status - lawyer and filing fees
    Norwich Public Library -- Bike Rack and Repair Station
    Norwich Recreational Department -- refurbish skating rink
    Norwich Town Clerk's Office--Desks
    Revels North -- summer revels
    Sparks--kitchen improvements - microwave, chef knives, floor mat
    St Barnabas--garden project with MCS
    StoneLedge Stables --preschool summer camp - STEM supplies - reduce fees
    The Child Care Center -- fencing
    The Family Place -- Family Learning - offsite experiences
    Unitarian Universalist Congreagation - tables for 5 Church Sale
    Upper Valley Trail Alliance -- Gile Mountain Trail - cost of staffine
    Upper Valley Trail Alliance--  Passport to Winter Fun
    Vermont Center for Ecostudies -- Suds and Science

    Norwich Women's Club
  • Candidates Night
    Membership Development Coffees
    Memorial Books
    Off Cycle Request
    Summer Concerts
    Triangle Planting
    Norwich Public Library Shelving not used in 2018