Who Will Be Our Next Norwich Citizen of the Year?

It's that time again! Think about someone you know in Norwich who's made a difference. We're surrounded by fine people who do noteworthy, kind, heroic or sometimes quiet, but great, things to make Norwich or another community better. Sometimes they're well recognized. Sometimes we're just know them as the good neighbor who always helps. We're touched by their actions, large and small, but have little chance to honor them as they deserve.


Here's your chance to highlight what a difference they've made. Until January 24th, you can nominate a person to be the 2019 Norwich Citizen of the Year. She or he can be any member of the Norwich community who has made an exceptional humanitarian, educational, civic or cultural contribution to Norwich, the Upper Valley, or the world at large. Their contribution can be through their work or their community service.

How do you nominate a candidate? Tell us why this person deserves recognition. Write a few paragraphs describing what you know of the candidate's achievements and why you think he or she has made a difference. Let us know how to reach that person - use this form to make sure you've included all the information we need.

That's all! You can email your nomination to Cheryl.L.Herrmann@gmail.com or mail it to PO Box 191, Norwich, VT 05055.

The winner will be chosen by committee and honored at our Eighth Annual Spring Gala on Saturday, March 16, 2019. The Citizen of the Year Committee looks forward to hearing from you!